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Try, try and try again!

Jumble Dream's mission is to create the ultimate sensory stimulating and interactive toys to boost the widest range of development skills whilst still encouraging plenty of playful engagement!


Through trailing 100's of elements, only the top accessories end up on our sensory toys. This is all thanks to our many toddler and parent testers who review and feedback on the good and bad of our latest innovations.

Our Story

Jumble Dream was initially conceived through our attempts to create a single handmade busy board after coming across a "simple" DIY busy board on Youtube. After hours spent sourcing the components, purchasing the tools and very slowly assembling what vaguely resembled a busy board, we were fairly happy with the final piece but it took far too long and the cost was surprisingly high. 

After seeing many fantastic looking bespoke busy boards online priced above £100 we thought wouldn't it be amazing if we could create a board that has the same cognitive developing and playful elements but with less customisation and therefore at a more affordable cost - this is where Jumble Dream was born!

Now, every new Jumble Dream concept starts with the three foundations pillars; Montessori Magic, Creative Freedom and Natural Wood & Non-Toxic Paints. Furthermore, to ensure the wooden toys fit the needs of the most children, we engage in countless trials thanks to our children and parent helpers.


Finally, the last piece of the Jumble Dream jigsaw was to find a charity partner. We wanted to support a charity in our endeavour to become a well-known sensory toy brand and whilst our donations may start small, we hope one day, with your help, we can donate significant money that will really make a difference in the lives of children and adults with learning disabilities. 

Three Pillars of Toy Development

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