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Bean Bags

Dive into a world of sensory delight with our Sensory Bean Bag Toy! Crafted with the perfect blend of vibrant colours, diverse textures, and delightful sounds, this bean bag set is more than just a toy—it's a gateway to a multisensory adventure. From soothing rustles to playful squeaks and rattles, each bean bag offers a unique sensory experience for your child.


Sensory Exploration

With a focus on varied textures and calming colours, it aids in sensory regulation, stress toy relief and concentration. Making it the perfect sensory toy for kids with autism to experience a variety of soft textures and sensations!

Jumble Beans

Introducing a sensory toy experience that grows with your child – supporting babies through the diverse textures and a comforting touch, while the vibrant colours and varied shapes create an engaging platform for toddlers to explore, match, and learn.

Visual Delight

Dive into a visual wonderland! Our sensory toy's vibrant colours and textures engage your child's sight, fostering cognitive development through captivating visuals.

Auditory Adventure

Spark an auditory symphony. Featuring three delightful sounds—beans for a soothing rustle, a squeaker for added fun, and a rattler for an exciting twist!

Tactile Wonderland

Explore a world of touch! Our sensory toy's diverse fabrics invite little hands to feel and discover, fostering fine motor skills and tactile sensitivity in a playful environment.

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